Residential Services

Berry’s Quality Services offers a full range of services for residential heating and cooling applications including air conditioner installation and/or service, heating system installation and/or service, air duct cleaning, air purification and attic insulation.

We service and install many brands of units, but we pride our company on being performance contractors. We offer units and systems which we feel are dependable, reliable and safe. Our primary brand of equipment is American Standard but we offer other brands as well, such as Lennox.

Special Residential Services
Did you know that proper ventilation, air cleaning and humidity control can improve the health and comfort in your home? Berry’s offers various specialized services to ensure the highest level of air quality in your home. Call us today to schedule an indoor air quality analysis and find out how you can begin improving the air quality in your home. Ask about our Air Monitor and the reports showing what you are breathing indoors.

  • Filtration
    We have high efficiency filters available in several styles. Air cleaners are the best overall product for good air quality including smoke but require some electrical hook-ups. Four and five inch media filters range from 45% to 80% efficient and are great for pollens and dust, but do nothing for smoke problems. Air purifiers are good to control odors but offer little filtration. As you can see, filtration is determined by the problem(s) you want to solve.
  • Humidifiers
    Humidifiers are used mostly during the winter months and can eliminate such things as static electricity in your home, dry mouth syndrome in the mornings when you wake up and can’t swallow, helps in preventing bloody noses or dry-cracked skin. Humidifiers are sized by area and several types are available and require access to your water heater and an electrical outlet.
  • Specialized Diagnostic Services
    • CoolMax – Cooling system rated performance diagnostics and analysis.
    • HeatMax – Heating system effective efficiency diagnostics and analysis.
    • AirFlow & Fan delivery performance test.
  • Attic Insulation, Attic Access Insulators and Radiant Barrier
    The purpose of re-insulating your home is to make it more comfortable by providing resistance to the flow of heat trying to infiltrate through the attic. Insulation is rated in “R” values. Simply put, “R” is a measure of insulating power. The higher the R-Value the more insulating power. R-30 (and sometimes higher R-Values) insulating power meets today’s standards for most homes.Any insulation is better than none, but some work better than others. Fiberglass insulation is made of glass, and inorganic material that does not absorb moisture. Paper insulation readily absorbs moisture from the air, lowering the R-Value.Fiberglass insulation is non-combustible and pass all applicable standards for fire resistance in a home, making it more acceptable than other types of insulation. Lower your utility bills, get more home comfort and lower air conditioner’s running time by re-insulating your attic. Ask us about R-Values and Prices.

Air conditioners are rated in SEER’s and SEER’s are similar to miles per gallon. The higher the SEER number the more efficient the system is and less costly to operate. Since the estimated cost during our cooling season can be as high as 63% of your electric bill, your investment in your air conditioning and heating system should always give you a return in savings. High efficiency systems today remove more moisture from your home. Less moisture inside your home adds up to more comfort at the same temperature setting. This can add up to considerable savings.

Equally as important as energy savings should be your comfort. When considering system efficiencies, you should also consider the amount of insulation in your attic. Not enough attic insulation can rob your new system’s efficiency so it must run longer. Today’s standard for attic insulation usually runs between R-30 and R-40 value. In inches, this is 10″ – 13″.

Payment Options
For residential customers, we offer financing (with approved credit) with no money down and low monthly payments. Other common payment options are credit cards, cash or check.

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